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Using Video Course Outline

Notting Dale Technology Centre is proposing that this course will be for 6 weeks, 10.5 hours a week.

Week 1-2

The first 2 weeks will be taken up with introductions and completing the Portfolio. This will consist of lectures by Wayne Harrison on the film industry and its different categories i.e. Video Formats, Criteria Used When Selecting A Video Camera, Lights (Demo with Sacha Bowling), Sound and Health & Safety.

Week 3-4

Students will learn how to work with Final Cut Pro 5.0, with a clear demonstration of the interface and its capabilities. In this period you will learn Editing skills and techniques which are applicable to Final Cut Pro 5.0 as well as Avid and Media 100. Students will be taught advance techniques that will enhance their skills, confidence and knowledge in Post-Production.

Week 5-6

Each student will work on their own individual projects by choosing one of the Notting Dale Video Production movies or working on their own personnel project which could be filmed by themselves. If they choose one of the Video Production movies they will be given the Mini DV tapes for the chosen project to Capture and Edit the rushes to make a short movie for their own showreel.